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Cloud and Internet Services with Open Source Software for SMEs
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Cloud and Internet Services with Open Source Software for SMEs (CISOSS) is a Partnership proposal promoted by the Training Center in ICT of the Directorate General of Vocational Training (Dirección General de Formación) of the Regional Government of Madrid jointly with a plural association, made up of vocational training centers, university and technology companies. The functions that perform these entities will complement the project along because all partners are currently promoting initiatives to improve employment and are involved in the development and dissemination of open source software. The Sheffield City Council training center RedTape of United Kingdom is a specialist and leader in the implementation of projects to improve job training aim to groups at risk of exclusion, using ICT tools. It also has a wide network of contacts with companies from different sectors, and can provide much information about their needs. The computer research center, at the University of HOGSKOLAN I SKOVDE of Sweden, has extensive experience in European projects related methodological development with open source tools, leading the content development consultancy and participate in advisory committees of the Swedish qualifications system. Østfold University College (Norwegian: Høgskolen i Østfold) is the largest faculty among Norwegian university colleges and include research groups devoted to several knowledge areas including Information Systems. SRH Hochschule Berlin is leading eLearning activities which includes the adaptation of all computer science courses to online eLearning platforms and the usage of different technologies ESSI has extensive experience in training on open source software tools, but also in the implementation of projects with open operating system. Essi is also an official partner of RedHat in UK, one of the strongest and most advanced in the ICT sector, which bases its business model on open source software companies with very good results. The CISOSS project has its origin and foundation in the study "Labour Overview: Map of New Technology Jobs in Madrid" carried out by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Ministry of Employment in September 2013 and in which participated the CF ICT Getafe. In this study the current and future needs for Information Technology and Communications (ICT) in small and medium-sized companies in Madrid were detected. The study identified the need to improve the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises, which have not undertaken the necessary improvements for the high price of migrations and new software installations and hardware necessary update. That is why, with the help of free software tools with the open source technology, the services that provide us the tools in the cloud like (website, online business, saving management costs, improved customer relations, viral advertising, etc.) and appropriate advice, that companies could improve their position in the market, expanding its services and thus ensuring their own viability. The aim is to establish a training schedule that allows students that follow this training to solve not only the needs identified in businesses and local organizations but also those in the European scope, agreeing the different phases of the project with two transnational partners, thereby increasing employment opportunities for unemployed students involved in the project. Once agreed the training program and the methodology, all partnerss will proceed to the creation of such content and methodological guide in English (the language of the project). Later we will proceed to the training of trainers from the three countries through an online platform with all the content, which will be released with input from partners and trainers and advice from the creators of documentation. The final product, will be published under Creative Commons license (Attribution). Madrid and Sheffiel will select students with basic ICT skills and sufficient knowledge of English, leading to groups of 15 people per country to be trained in this new CISSOS training itinerary. Among each group of trainees, the top 5 in each country that will participate in an exchange program in which they will have to undertake a complete project in a small company in the partner country (needs assessment, selection of the best open source tools that meet those needs and finally the implementation and configuration of them). The ultimate goal, once tested the training itinerary and fixed the problems identified and their effectiveness will be the study of inclusion in the Vocational Training National Catalog in each participating country. In the case of Spain, and whether its effectiveness is demonstrated, this inclusion is assured in the National Catalog of Training Specialties of the National Employment Service, as it is an atribution of the CF ICT Getafe as a National Reference Center, promote such proposals nationwide.



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