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CLIL nascholing tto team
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

At our school (Driestar College) we have a bilingual department and we would like do a structured course in England with our bilingual team. In our department policy we state that we would like to go once every three years to a Engish speaking country for a refresher course in either CLIL or English language or a combination of both. This has been reinforced by the fact that the last European Platform visit to our school showed that CLIL was still not sufficiently visible in our lessons. With the refresher course in England we would like to ensure that our lessons will improve and that we can more fully intergrate the CLIL method into our lessons. This can only surely benefit our students. By spending a week in England our teachers will once again be immersed in the English language and so keep their language skills up to date. After traveling to England we will be following a five day, five hours per day course at the international house London. We then return home. All the teachers are fully qualified to teach their subjects in English and teach within the bilingual department. We will be going with 16 teachers to England, although the team consists of a total of 20 teachers. The last four teachers due to other commitments are not able to attend. Therefore when we return we plan to hold three further training sessions at school where our experiences will be shared with the full twenty teachers. A number of teachers will therefore also give demonstration lessons of what they have learnt at the course. We are still looking at the number of demonstration lessons to be held in the following years. The experience gained by this group will then be used to further train other teachers within the school where we are attempting to raise the level of English. We are specially targeting our havo/lyceum first and second year classes and the whole vwo+ department. (vwo+ classes get extra periods of English and three subjects are being taught in English.) Teachers from the bilingual department either give lessons to these classes or are training other teachers in how to better teach their subject in English. In our department we have two clil coaches who visit lessons given by our bilingual teachers and who then give further coaching. In the future the European Platform will once again be visiting our school.