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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims at promoting the pupils’ language learning and intercultural awareness through the CLIL approach. Teachers from the 8 partner Institutes will share their expertise in order to create CLIL teaching sequences and materials best suited for teaching in the mother tongue and the target language (English), taking into consideration the age of the pupils (3 to 14), the choice of contents included in participant’s National curriculum, and the language proficiency of the learners. The school partners will foster the interest of pupils in the culture of other countries (as traditions, celebrations, stories, rhymes and songs, informative texts about real children lifestyles and customs) through CLIL lessons. Our target groups are school teachers and students trying to implement CLIL in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school in order to plan a CLIL Vertical Curriculum. The project therefore aims at enabling pre-school teachers, primary school teachers and secondary school teachers to collaborate more effectively, to improve educational continuity and thus facilitate the transition process of children and their families. An innovative aspect of the project is the inclusion of CLIL in Kindergartens of partners Institutions to foster excellence in education and early childhood care. Moreover, high-quality early childhood education and care services positively contribute to educational achievement, participation and reduce the risk of early school leaving. At the same time the project will try to involve the whole school community through the organization of meetings, conferences, exhibition, giving the opportunity of being effectively in touch with the European diversity, enlarging their knowledge on different social and cultural realities and creating a more pleasant place to learn, work and live.


7 Participants partenaires