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Clear Cyber Bullying
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project aims at finding solutions to the problem cyber bullying nowadays rapidly increasing among teens and children. Most of the students exposed to cyber bullying had psychological problems , sometimes left the school and even some of them committed suicide. This project has a total of 9 organizations . These are Vahide Aktug Secondary School ( Turkey) , Automotive Industry Exporters Union Technical and Industrial Vocational High School (Turkey) , WSBINOZ ( Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu i Nauka he Zdrowiu, Poland) , EPRALI my ( Portugal ) , EURO- NET (Italy), AIJU ( Asociacion de INVESTIGACION INDUSTRIE DE LA del Juguete , CONEXAS Y AFINES , Spain) , in Emergent Cooperazione of Paea (Italy), Glafki sro ( Czech Republic ) , IDS Institute ( Portugal ) . When selecting partners, we take into consideration that partners should have worked previously on violence , or be an expert in ICT or be sensitive to combat against this problem and have the knowledge and skills required to perform this project. Since cyber bullying is seen mostly on high school students, we have cooperated with two high schools. Among our partners there are private university to help us with the evaluation of results of scientific research and analysis to help and a few non-profit organizations to help with technical support for software. In addition, selected people in the organization are experts in various fields ( teachers , Educators , engineers, computer scientists , prychologists , pedagogues , etc.). The project has organized a variety of activities . The activities planned for this project can also be seen in earlier projects on Cyber Bullying Project . There will be some actions against cyber bullying on both social networking sites and in everyday life. Drama Education for creating awareness on cyber-bullying and develop empathy , traditional shadow or Puppet characters consisting of Animation / Game Software for creating awareness and conscious on cyber-bullying and various competitions will be held. furthermore, school discipline rules will be created on cyber bullying. For drama education, school discipline rules and developed software scientific methods and techniques will be used. If our project takes place; developed school discipline rules against cyber bullying, drama training and software will be a model for other schools . All the outputs of the project will be shared with everybody with no charge. The future researches and the results obtained will be shared with related people (researchers, teachers, administrators, faculty members) and the senior officials in the institutions by dissemination activities. We are also planning to write an article on the scientific studies we will carry out.



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