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"Clean nature, clear mind"
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In a 2 week short term EVS „Clean nature, clear mind“ 16 volunteers from Latvia, Finland, Italy and Macedonia, will volunteer in Samobor, Croatia and they will help in cleaning the environment - natural resources – water streams and forests in the surrounding area of the town of Samobor – area of nature park Žumberak Samoborsko gorje and will present it to the locals of the town of Samobor through a photo exhibition on the streets of Samobor to raise awareness about importance of protecting and preserving our nature and environment and living green sustainable life. The photos will be made during the volunteer activities – cleaning the water streams and the forests, artistic photos of garbage taken out. Additionally during their volunteers service, workshop about sustainable waste management and recycling will take place whose results will also be presented in the photo exhibition. Volunteers will become aware of importance of contributing to the community and being active in the society by helping the local community and seeing the results of their volunteer work (clean water, streams, forest, presented results of their work to the locals through the photo exhibition, raised awareness among locals about importance of preserving environment and nature as a result of their volunteer work as well). Volunteers´ sense for social responsibility and active citizenship will develop.By living and volunteering in an international environment in a new country for 2 weeks volunteers will improve their language skills, working language will be english and they will organize non-formal language courses of each of participating national group languagec. Their cultural awareness and intercultural competences will develop. Additionally by being involved in the local community- talking with locals, visiting the sights, centre of nature park and mayor of Samobor, their cultural awareness will raise.Volunteers will develop and improve important social skills such as communication, team work, organizational and problem solving skills as during their team work when doing their volunteer tasks they will need to communicate efficiently, work together as a team and solve the problems that appear in order to have their tasks done successfully.They will also develop and improve their digital competences as by taking photos during activities and preparing a photo exhibition taking place in the end of their volunteer service on the streets of Samobor.By spending so much time in the nature while doing their volunteer tasks that is also physical work in nature, they will learn about importance of healthy lifestyle and physical activity in nature and their attitudes toward healthy lifestyle will develop. By taking part in this project volunteers will get motivated to initiate similar projects in their communities and spread the awareness of importance of protecting and preserving our nature and environment and living green sustainable life and they will also get motivated to participate in other Erasmus+ mobility projects for youth as well. All the learning will happen in a non-formal and informal way. Local community and involved locals (authorities of Samobor, nature park, local people) will raise their awareness about this important issue of nature and environment protection and they will be informed about Erasmus+ opportunities for youth and EVS opportunities.



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