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civil society empowerment and media participat.
Date du début: 1 févr. 2011,

The project "Civil society empowerment and media participation for volunteers" will implant a new training course within the range ICT / media competence and project management for the Caucasus Youth. The training courses for Youth and youth workers realizes extensive and sustainable measures to the improvement of media competence, learning competence as well as social competence and social sharing. The ICT media are generally a methodical and a technical organization means to the communication promotion in Caucasus societies. The conceptual contentwise emphasis of the media education formation of the proposal lies on the contentwise argument of the participants with the group of topics „citizen, social and political competence“. Purpose of this contentwise component of the vocational training measures is the sustainable promotion of active citizenship and / or social participation in Armenia and Georgia. The training course enclose the Modules “Crossmedial Journalism” and Modul "NGO -Trainer". First Modul will raise media production skills – youth and young multipliers will learn to use digital media tools and produce social reports, radio / tv / web-TV magazines as well as upload and exchange their productions in Internet, Radio and Web-TV. Second Modul "NGO -Trainer / project management" will offer strategic management for Leaders and young activists of NGOs in Caucasus regions. It focuses on the needs of NGO leaders who are seeking to develop sustainable business models within the context of civil society and political system in Armenia and Georgia. The training will improve project management skills and enable 24 multipliers to initiate public discussions about civil society and democracy issues, document them by the help of creative media tools and community media ( European partner institutions together with organizations from Caucasus will work on establishing cross-border networks of youth media work.



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