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Date du début: 3 août 2015, Date de fin: 2 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CitywisE+2 is a project building on the success of our previous EVS projects and our range of sporting and computer programming afterschool programs and homework clubs. The programmes we are providing are aimed at getting young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to take education more seriously and develop to their full potential. The programmes we deliver tackle the three main objectives of our project by increasing our young peoples knowledge of ICT and developing their digital competences, increasing youth participation in education, community and through sports & tackling failures in Education and support specifically for Project Maths failure and additional resources in disadvantaged areas. As we continue to develop new programs, including one in the area of mathematics, we see the involvement of EVS volunteers at the centre of these programs successes. The volunteers will have the oppotrunity to work in various events throughout the project, some ranging from one-off events like fun sports days, awards evenings and special outings (eg. ice skating at Christmas) to more long term engagement with weekly afterschool programs, coding clubs, robotics, study supervision and homework clubs. The coding programs are aimed at providing young people an opportunity to improve their coding and game making skills and develop a talent that will be useful in helping them find future employment. All of our programs bring to them aspect of personal development for the students who take part in them & we currently have 350 young people a week in our groups. We aim to have 3 volunteers from the EVS program in order to enhance the activities we run and to develop further the work we do with young people from underserved communities.



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