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CityBound Europe 4.0
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CBEurope 4.0 is a continuation of the CBEurope 3.0-project, which consolidated a solid network of partners from 8 countries who were organizing cyclic youth exchanges for kids 14-17 along the methodology of adventure-based learning. The umbrella-project for all those activities in CBEurope 4.0 aims at setting further development of the network, raising the quality and range of activities offered, as well as setting new objectives, new tools, deciding on new fields, on innovations or adaptations of the methodology (e.g. language animations in high adventure activities and ongoing development of our CityBound diversity Strategy and CityBound Training Strategy). After the last three years of cooperation we established a lot of very valuable things: e. g. common guidlines for youthleaders, standard for selecting participants, the CB Europe quality charter, a first version of a CityBound diversity Strategy, our CityBound Training Strategy as well as a toolbox for youth leaders. At the end of this project we evaluate, assess those developments and make decisions for the future. Gerenal aims of the Network are: - To raise awareness on European Citizenship+culture – by strengthening the feeling of belonging to one European society. - To promote solidarity, understanding, tolerance and cohesion among European Society by breaking up national divisions (also language barriers) and searching for universal values – what will be achieved during the adventure activities and challenges in the international groups. - To rise the spirit of voluntary work among youngsters by showing them tools to act - our activities will show them possibilities of how to get involved in their societies, how to engage people in public actions through adventure activities, convince them that voluntary work is a way of self-development and development of the civil society. - consolidating the non-formal education as a method of work with young people in general, in particular we focus on Adventure-Based-Learning and CityBound activities. Besides our general aims and objective we will give a focus in this topics in 2016 (CB 4.0): 1. Implementing first Training for trainers (ongojng implementtaion and development of CB Europe Network'S Training strategy - to offer our young volunteers and participants a career path from the participnats (of a CB YE) to becoming a youth leader and the next step even a trainer for youth leaders. As an own tool of recognition we are now (within CB 3.0) developing a CityBound Youth Leaders Card defining the standards of our youth leaders training courses. 2. Ongoing implementation and development of the CB Network's diversity strategy in theory and practice. 3. Ongoing development of our toolbox for youthleaders. 4. Ongoing development of technical standards within the network, e. g. common procedure of insurnace of our young participants of the CB youth Exchanges as well as creating an additional training unit concerning saftey and well-being of participnats of YE (to be dealt with during the youth leaders trainings).



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