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City Farm @ Brussels
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Every year we allow 1 EVS-volunteer for the duration of 11 months, starting beginning of september (or end of august) until the end of July (Belgium, Dilbeek, Brussels). The volunteer is fully implicated in everything the farm concerns. That is mainly the care for the animals and the crops in combination with the care of our visitors, mainly kids and young people. The volunteer will in general take part in the educational activities (youth worker). In the first months the volunteer will always be doing this activities with one of our pedagogical workers or the farmer. The aim is that the volunteer can evolve to do certain activities independently. The volunteer will also be encouraged to develop her or his own projects. Het Neerhof is a city farm where learning by doing, in direct contact with animals and plants, is the main object. First of all the volunteer will as such experience a variety of activities and later help other people to have the same experiences. The volunteer sleeps at the farm (a nice caravan), but can of course also enjoy the surroundings and the very nearby Brussels. He or she will be warmly welcomed by all members the staff and encouraged to discover what lies within and beyond the boundaries of the farm. The spoken language is Dutch and the volunteer is encouraged to try and learn the language. The contact with the children is mainly in Dutch. Certain members of the staff will be able to speak to the volunteer in French, English or German (an a bit of Italian or Spanish). For our organization it is very important that the volunteer tries the maximum to learn Dutch.



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