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Citoyens européens, quelles conceptions de la liberté d'expression ?
Date du début: 2 août 2015, Date de fin: 1 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project is the result of last year's european exchange with a group of young belgians around" the street art" thematic; "young and older all involved". So this year, le Centre Social de Saint quentin la poterie and the young people involved for more than one year now, chose to follow this work by emphasizing the theme: "European citizens, which ideas about freedom of speech do we have" Last January, Belgium and France both went throught tragic and similar events that really need to gather us together instead of dividing us. We chose this subject to put an end to the preconceptions, to give back meaning to the wrongly and overused words such as; civic rights, freedom of speech, values Project takes place from august 24th to august 30th, in le Gard (30), Saint Quentin la Poterie, involving sixteen young people, from 15 to 20 years old: eight belgians and eight french persons. Objectives are: - allowing the young to exchange about cultural differences - raising awareness among them about what freedom of speech is - becoming acquainted with artistic activities, and new ways of expression - discovering our heritage and sharing this discovery There will be various activities: - artistic activities: graffiti art, radio, caricature in comic books and drama - sports activities: canoeing, montain bike, orientation race As a social centre , we've decided to base this exchange upon a participative mode, so the young realize that together, they have the power to do something. The expected results from this project overtake the frame of the group. We hope to change the way they see the world that surrounds them, to allow them to have a better understanding of what national and european issues are. The main idea is to make them discover what it really means to be a citizen, an european citizen.



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