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Citizen Journalists on Tour - Media, Migration and Youth Work
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 1 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CITIZEN JOURNALISTS ON TOUR is an international training on migration, media and youth work. The target group are 25 youth workers from Estonia, Germany, Greece, Poland and Sweden that are willing to expand their professional profile by in-depth knowledge of the migration issue, journalistic skills, methodological and media competence. The context of the project is the rising number of people that seek a new perspective on their lives in Europe and the accompanying xenophobia towards these people, which is partly nurtured by a negative image of migrants and refugees in the media. The training aims to teach multipliers journalistic skills; to empower them to assess media products with regard to xenophobic images and to produce alternatives; to show them how to make use of their newly acquired skills in their educational and youth work; as well as to strengthen their sense of European citizenship. For this purpose, the project partners first meet for a contact-making event during which they get to know eacht other and plan further activities. As a next step, there will be a training for youth workers. During this training the youth workers acquire relevant journalistic skills and media competence. Equiped with these skills they go on research to Berlin, Warsaw or Terespol where they interview various representatives of political institutions, the press, administration and civil society. After their return, they create a common publication which not only sheds light on the dominant discourse on migration but also provides an alternative way of reporting as well as valuable media education tools. The publication is then distributed via the networks of the partner organizations to the wider public. Additionally, it is provided to the participants for their individual educational and youth work as a free online ressource. We expect the youth workers to acquire a deeper understanding of the relationship between migration and media, to enhance their action competency and employability through additional professional skills, and to increase their European identity. With regard to the partner organizations and involved institutions, we expect that the efficacy, scope and visibility of their activities will be enhanced as a result of the broadened professional repertoire and the distribution of the outcomes of the project. Last but not least, we strive for a reduction of xenophobia and hostility towards refugees in Europe in the long term.



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