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Cities On Rivers
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project addresses the importance of rivers for humanity and its history. All of the civilizations around the world started around main water streams. Project is a result of cooperation of 6 schools from different countries with similar needs and mutual objectives, involving students with ages between 10 and 15 years old. The river is the connection between all project participants that flows through our city and connecting us all through an invisible thread - the network of rivers flowing into another river and becoming one, is like people although they live miles away drink the same pure water. Rivers cannot stay still, the rivers constantly go, carrying with them old stories from our ancestors and, also, carrying all the pollutions made from miles away. Through this project we intend to bring in the attention of our students, their parents, the community where we live and even the attention of whole Europe, the problems we face local and European level, but also, the beauties and joys we have, living each of us in their native places. We will personify the river, using our mascot, the Brooklet, a long blue silk scarf that will travel in every country. The pupils will share their ideas to the world, writing the environmental messages on ”the little river”, trying to help their river and the wold water. The concrete objectives: - to understand, analyze and carry out the necessary measures to make the places where we live better and livable - to analyze historical, scientific and geographical events using a common language - to participate in outdoor activities, aware of the importance of the environment in their lives, linking theory to practice - to improve the communicative competence in English through real practice - tο develop students' ICT skills, especially in the use of on line web tools - to motivate students not be passive Internet users and consumers, but also co-creators of web content -to preserve the traditions left by our ancestors, sharing with other the inherited habits and learning to understand and respect the traditions of others partners; In our project there are six partners , but only 3 school partners that have experiences in educational partnership, the other half have no experiences in strategic partnership. Our activities and the results will be: a common survey using Survey Monkey applied at both the beginning and the end of the project, creating the web site of the project, creating and choosing the logo of the project, research about the river under an ecological perspective, each school having a display corner on water and its contamination, creating an eTwinning website, created a quiz game containing the national identity of the each country, playing the game with dice like an old game "No offense, bro!", creative writing ”The pen friendship” - starting to write the common tale about Water Roads which will be continued by the other partners (one page by partner). The final story will be presented and played at the final meeting, creating a mascot of the river, The Brooklet - a long blue silk scarf that will travel in every country together with the common story, the River Album, illustrating the river from every area in all four seasons, actions to “echologize” the river from the town, involving the parents and local authorities, a river study, writing a fact-file booklet, ”The river – witness of the history”, ”River floats memories” – finding and translating in English a legend or a real story about the river from our town and gathering together all the legends in one magazine. The most important desired impact in region is the recognition of the school and project. Attracting attention from others schools and regional authorities will be a great effect of the project. The intention of the project is, also, to get people to ask questions about the environment, about crossing the river every day without knowing the story and its importance to the community. The potential long term beneficiaries are our students because they had tried and succeeded to make changes in the town they lived, the residents of our cities because they will live in a cleaner environment, having a pure river. An import ant part of the project is a base of teaching materials running CLIL+ method- the materials will be exchanged after the end of the project as well. The book about Suceava River will improve the geographic database as well as gallery with picture, the study of the rivers done by means of World Water Monitoring Community will be used by the Waters National Administration from every country. The CDs with water songs and with old traditional customs will be uploaded on line and will be promoted in local media, so every interesting person to use them.



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