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Date du début: 17 août 2015, Date de fin: 16 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Association Appel d'Air, Circus School "Turbul '" based in Nîmes ( France) , whose main activities are : -The discovery and introduction to circus arts by weekly classes , workshops , group reception and external intervention . -The establishment of workshops with specific objectives : Public disabled , troubled youth , training of trainers. -The provision of adequate space for artists and residency companies to promote artistic research and creation. The association promotes resources sharing about circus arts pedagogy and stage direction at European level. Examples of the proposed voluntary activities within the project are: 1- The activities around the pedagogy and circus : Support for teachers on children class during leisure circus according to the desires of the volunteer and achievements throughout the EVS, preparation of teaching materials, participation as a student during the adult class of his choice ( acrobatics, trapeze, multidisciplinary ) participation as a student to the various thematic training course (dance acrobatics, juggling, ... ) free access to gyms and circus equipment of school. 2- The technical activities : Assist volunteers and employee teams in the assembly and dismantling of a Circus tent , attend the various technical training we offer on safety standards on the reception of the public and the use of circus equipment , assisting technicians in controle room on light and sound on different events , assist in the maintenance of technical equipment park of the school. 3- The logistic activities around the Cirkobalkana project ( France- Serbia - Croatia- Bosnia) : Assist the project manager on the administrative monitoring of Cirkobalkana folder ( translation ...), to relay information between the different stakeholders Croats , Serbs and Bosniaks, support the project by promoting to his contacts in his country. The project promotes a philosophy of knowledge exchange and sharing of expertise using Circus Arts as driving force . The association Appel d'air wishes through this project to establish a sustainable and reciprocal relationship in learning and teaching between France and Eastern Europe.



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