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Circus as a way of life
Date du début: 1 juin 2013,

There is no sustainable opportunities for new circus and street theatre in the Balkan region. The aim of this project would be to provide opportunties to people in the Balkan region that already have some experience to advance and to support marginalized and underprivileged young people, in particular Roma, through its social, educative and professional integration by means of social circus work and street theatre. This project connects the art of circus and street theatre art, with social work. During the year young people will experience new way of life and exciting challenges through demanding workshops and through public performances at street festivals. Based on our previous experience we firmly believe that if we allow them to learn and explore their individual skills and possibilities, it will make them stronger and motivate them to create their lives in society in an active way.This project brings together young people and organizations from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia Kosovo and Albania dedicated to the idea of social work through performing arts. We want to exchange experiences and start a new story that will reaffirm our commitment to tolerance and humanity in the region. Circus is a global entertainment form, which as it is not reliant on the spoken world has always easily incorporate performers of different nationalities and cultures. Through workshops and lectures that will fully integrate contemporary circus, street theatre, physical performances, creative thinking and career know-how this project will professionalize about 80 young people. The project will also include the creation of one new, international group, which will be composed of 20 best workshop participants from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania. The group will perform at several festival during the project (The Street Musician Festival in Serbia, Spancirfest in Croatia, IST fest in Greece, Imaginarius in Portugal etc.) and will be able to continue working and performing together



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