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Cinema for Youth
Date du début: 25 août 2016, Date de fin: 24 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The movies from Hollywood are gaining more and more popularity every year while leaving the European film art to the background. In addition to this, today youth needs professional tools and skills to be able to express themselves in the field of video art.The project "Cinema for Youth" will gather 30 people from Spain, Estonia, Slovakia, France and Poland during eight days. 10 of then will come from frames with social difficulties. The project has 3 phases: Preparation, Development and diffusion. On the preparation throug the APV, the partners organisation material and the participant investigations we would like to give the participants the tools they need.Through presentations, debates, seminars and intensive practical work we intend to provide the participants and locals with some tools to develop their own audiovisual projects. We will focus on the quality of the activities and we know that the participants will find the exchange useful for their future works.Participants will live on a non-formal education atmosphere, they will practise their english skills, they will learn about a lot of "filming methotds", they will build activitys, games and workshops. The accomodation is in El Bosque (a village in Cadiz), it is a beutiful place.We will use the material done by the participants to spread the results of the projects, with help of the press, the partners and the social platforms we think we are going to have a bigger impact.Our main goal is to change the participants lives through creative work, however, through them we are also influencing their local communities in a positive way. We will document and distribute the results using interviews, audiovisual material, partners and social networks in order to reach more people.We believe in the importance of this project and see a lot of potential in our efforts to bring European film art closer to the people of Europe.



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