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Cinema Europa
Date du début: 28 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 27 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project for a youth exchange aims to know, discuss about and analyse the problems, the needs and the expectations of youngsters, such as the world of creativity and art of youngsters in Europe through the Cinema.During the week of the exchange four movies will be watched . One movie from each country of the partners. Every group leader (according with the selected participants) will choose one movie. After the projection will follow discussions through a work in team activities, using non formal tools of education and sharing, together with the young participants of the exchange.The main themes of the movies should concern social and cultural inclusion of each country, history of democratic bodies, role of culture and art in society, sensibility and awareness in environment issues, tradition and social problems in each country involved (also war, conflicts, relation with neighbors, ecc.).The systems of production, the social role of the movies, the impact on society of cinema (with a brief introduction to the opportunities that UE and EACEA offer) will be also analyzed and discussed, working with a non formal method like horizontal comparisons, open space technology, role-playing games (not lectures or school and academic seminars)Next to this activity, it's expected to meet at least two experts or professionals (like festival managers, directors, script writers). They will tell their experience to the participants. They also will answer the questions of the participants and they will enjoy the debate. They will also lead two workshops: one will bring to write a script for a short movie (supported by a professional trainer) based on the main topics of the exchange (social inclusion, resolution of conflicts and european dimension), one of costume, make up and scenography, using recycled or ready made stuff. Inside this set, will shot some sketches, inspired by the stories just written before.It's already expected a moment of collective participation in a local initiative (meeting with local intitutions in a local movie theater), in which the results of the exchange will be presented to the citizens (together with the short movies realised during the workshops).Finally, moments of game, relax and diversion are also expected, together with a visit to Florence and some intercultural nights.The involvement level of the partners must be high, and the young participants should develop some basic skills in comprehension of meta-narrative level of the movies (starting from a natural passion or attitude for the Cinema) and a non shallow knowledge of history, traditions and costumes of the country they come from.Everything will be observed from different point of views, ages, production systems, in order to grant the best broad-view on the topics for every participant.



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