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Date du début: 8 avr. 2014, Date de fin: 8 févr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Cinekid Film Festival, taking place every year in October, is part of the 10 day Cinekid Festival, which also includes a Television Festival, New Media Festival and Cinekid for Professionals. Simultaneously with the screenings in Amsterdam, satellite event Cinekid on Location brings films and activities from the Cinekid Film Festival to 30 cities across the Netherlands. The main objectives of Cinekid Film Festival are to promote quality audio visual media for children and to support active participation of children in media creation, in order to develop their critical senses and to strengthen their position towards media. In order to reach its objectives, Cinekid aims to present a broad and diverse programme of high quality films for children and young people. Cinekid Film Festival’s line-up includes three competitions with a Jury and an Audience award: the International Children’s Film Competition, Dutch Family Film Competition and the European Short Animation Competition. The festival also presents Panorama, a strand focused on special genres, a Dutch Shorts programme and a retrospective sidebar. In its programming Cinekid strongly emphases productions from European countries, which have a strong children’s film tradition. The films at Cinekid are not just screened for a young audience, but also presented in a distinct media literacy framework. Unique masterclasses and educational workshops are organized in connection to the films and together with question and answer sessions after public screenings they allow children to interact in new ways with the films and learn from the attending talent. Cinekid Film Festival presents various year-round media literacy programmes, such as school screenings and educational workshops, and produces study guides to help children get acquired with media. In the spring, Cinekid executes Klassefilm, a special programme for Amsterdam primary school with supporting education materials.