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Date du début: 31 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are a trilingual private school suupported by state funds. There are 510 students enrolled and 50 teachers in staff. We provide intermediate technical courses on Business (C. M. Comercio), Electromechanical Devices in Vehicles (C. M. Mecánica) and Electrical and Automatic Installations (C. M. Instalaciones Eléctricas y Automáticas). The school also offers a wide range of different educational courses: Child Educatión, Primary and Secondary Educatión at all levels, Secondary Educatión for adults, Bachillerato (A two years course previous to university) and Basic Technical Training on Mechanics (FPB). We intend to provide work experience for 6 of our graduate trainees on Business (two students during a 55 days stay), Electromechanical Devices in Vehicles (2 students during a 52 days stay), and Electrical and Automatic Installations (2 students during a 52 days stay) Selected students, aged 18 to 20, have been chosen according to their abilities and personal features and considering the reliability and positive attitude needed to perform the required activities. As a general rule, students who are selected must have proved over two school years a good attitude regarding reliability, tidiness, punctuality, regular work, foreign languages knowledge, socialising abilities and willingness to additional training related to mobility Students taking part in the project must acquire some special knowledge on integration in the work environment and be able to socialise, being respectful to a different culture or different customs. NUMBER AND PARTICIPANTS PROFILE 8 members of the editorial team of the project and 6 students taking part in it: -José Álvarez Carpintero: Company Administrator. -Santiago Alvarez Dafonte: Headmaster and Teacher at school. -Juan J. Rodriguez Temperán: Coordinator responsible for graduate trainees and work placements. Teacher and Tutor for Electrical and Automatic Installations pupils -José Antonio Álvarez Dafonte: Teacher and Tutor for Business students -Gabriel Lago Vieira: Teacher and Tutor for the students of the course on Electromechanical Devices in Vehicles. -Jesus Martinez Costa: English Teacher -Montserrat Ruibal Fernández: French and Italian Teacher. -Montserrat Piñeiro González: History and Geography Teacher. INTERMEDIARY AGENCY: "Formazione", which has been implementing mobility projects for 13 years. ITINERARY Once the project procedure has been completed, we will fulfil the following schedule: In September 2015, pupils will be offered the granted work placements. Teaching of further formal training to all interested students. Selection of students who best meet the requirements of the project. Getting in touch with the Receiving Agency. Assigning companies to our students. Travel arrangements and accommodation with our intermediary agency. School tutors will meet the people responsible for the future work placements abroad. MOBILITY: from April 2016 to November 2016. Hosting of Students and Tutors in the country of destination by the intermediary agency (month of April for the Electromechanical Devices and the Electrical and Automatic Installatios students and September 2016 for Business students). Students and tutors introduction. Procedure arrangements two days before the start. After the start, the internship mentors will be communicated about tutors businesses, personal residence, Intermediary Agency and students as stated in the project. Two days before the end of the internship, school tutors, will be leaving after closing documentation. Farewell to the Receiving Agency and the place of residence of students. Return and mobility to the students to the study center. Closing the project documentation in the center and delivery notes to students. Beginning of activities to show and discuss the results of this project. METHODOLOGY: Correct selection of participants through personality assessments and criteria. Good preparation in cultural and professional level. Choice of partner countries and destination as planned objectives. Cast tasking responsibilities of each partner DESCRIPTION RESULTS Project results will be shown as outlined in section I.2 of this project. EXPECTED IMPACT Students: To arise interest in these projects and all that entails for their own benefit. (Increased employability, improving language skills, social skills and qualifications). Business: European training staff that provides greater wealth to professional activity, providing new and better methods of work and production. Center: Improving the quality of education and teaching methods. Improving their educational offer, valuation, image and prestige. LONG TERM BENEFITS Links between the education and business world reinforce the quality of training. Its improved and innovative elements are incorporated It promotes European integration and social cohesion and single labor market in Europe.



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