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Date du début: 5 mai 2015, Date de fin: 5 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is developed for young people with fewer opportunities that are facing very difficult psychosocial situations, poverty, social exclusion, special needs and unemployement. Our aim is to work on the competences that will help young people in the process of inclusion into society and on the labor market. The short term EVS activities will be one part of a longer learning process that will provide long lasting effects. We want to enhance the personality development of young people through the empowerment based on non-formal learning and positive experiences, make their self esteem better, develop more efficient coping strategies and get over their prejudicies. Under Activity 1 we will send 2 Slovenian volunteers on short term EVS to the Wildlife Rescue Centre VOC Ostend in Belgium. They will be involved in several tasks, such as cleaning the cages, feeding animals, assistance with medical care of fractures, diseases and wounds, catching and releasing birds and animals. Under Activity 2 we will send 3 volunteers accompanied with the support person to the organization Youth in Free Initiative in Kukes, Albania. They will help to organize and join the summer activities for local youth and the summer cultural activities in the city. Zavod Manipura from Slovenia will host all together 24 volunteers from Romania, Turkey, Moldova, Italy, Albania, Armenia, Finland and Macedonia. The volunteers will be able to join a wide spectrum of activities: they will help with the renovation of the house, making small furniture for the Youth Centre, building a small sport field and adventure playground, making ecological garden and the place for small animals... Next to the practical work they will help to organise and they will join the free-time activities for local children and youth like sport activities, playing games in the nature and other outdoor activities, different artistic activities and free playing time for children. They will do some work for the local community like helping elderly people, spending time with the disabled people and organise some activities for the children in the local kindergarten and primary school. The volunteers will also help to create the promotion materials for the Youth Centre and for EVS and take part in the promotion activities. There will be a very intense intercultural learning process because we will host volunteers from different countries at the same time.


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