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Choose Volunteering – for YOU and for local communities!
Date du début: 8 juin 2016, Date de fin: 7 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Choose Volunteering – for YOU and for local communities!" is continued project. When coordinating EVS projects close contacts with a different host organizations was created, Hosting organizations would like to continue working with EVS volunteers, because both: volunteers and organizations they see high value of this program and both sided are receiving some new experience. The project involves 7 host organizations (Antakalnis Open youth center, Lentvaris Open youth center, Open youth center "Mes”, PI “Valakupiu rehabilitation center ", Trakai Open youth space). Lentvaris OYC and Valakupiu rehabilitation center has 3 year experience with EVS volunteers. Other organizations (Antakalnis AYC, AYC "Mes”, Toy Museum and VRC) joined EVS program in year 2014, Trakai OYS – in year 2015, so this is still new experience for them to host EVS volunteer.The aim of the project is to strengthen young people's skills, become more tolerant that they would be more competitive in the labor market in the future. The project will also seeks to strengthen organizations through intercultural communication with EVS volunteers. EVS volunteers will organize various activities in their host organizations, will offer and implement their initiatives, will organize activities to different target groups, will offer new ways of working and will help organizations to carry out their goals.The project will provide for young people the opportunity fully participate in the activities of hosting organizations and encourage them to participate actively in social community life, that will help also to local community to learn more about other cultures and to make wider their viewpoints about Europe. In the end of the project, each EVS volunteer will be provided with the Youthpass certificate, which helps to recognize competences and knowledge gained throw non-formal education. he project objective is to ensure the profit for 3 target groups: organizations, volunteers and the community. During EVS activities volunteers will provide an opportunity for the local community to gain a positive intercultural experience, also will help for HO to raise their awareness, solidarity, tolerance, etc. The project will raise young people's awareness of their responsibility as European citizenship and will help them to understand their role in society. Volunteers, by their real example, will encourage many local people, will teach to put more attention to existing problems in their country. Moreover, volunteers will encourage local community’s tolerance and will help to "brake" cultural stereotypes. The project will promote European values such as: human rights and respect for other cultures, religions and different people.



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