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"Choices, Chances, Challenges" - Lessan invites young people from East & West to discover diversity in achieving equality for All
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This e.p.a. International Youth Exchange will bring together 60 young people from Feodosia-Kiev (UA), Kurgan and Tyumen (RU), Bucharest (RO), Liverpool (UK) and Hamburg (DE), under the theme “Choices, Chances, Challenges – Lessan invites young people from East & West to discover diversity in achieving equality for All”. All young participants have “fewer opportunities”: many of them with “special needs”, from migrant and refugee background, living in conflict situation, being HIV positive, suffering mental instability, from communities affected by cyclical poverty and geographical remoteness. This East-West exchange will take place the first week in Greifswald-Wieck at the Baltic Sea and the second week in Hamburg-St. Pauli, in a youth hostel overlooking the Hamburg port. Considering the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, this opportunity to come together will be especially appreciated, as it will follow on from the very successful e.p.a. International Youth Exchange in Liverpool in 2014 “Hope2Cope”, when the young people involved tried to understand each other, cultivating their friendships despite the hatred spread by media and propaganda. This Youth Exchange in Hamburg, will address Diversity, Equal Rights and Opportunities, Competence, and Values. We will look at problems and issues that challenge young people – common and different ones – and how to handle them. Facing the different realities between multicultural cities and homogeneous and monochrome peripheral regions, the participants will be encouraged to deepen their dialogue and intercultural understanding. Programme and methodology will be focused around the needs, interest and issues of the young participants, who will prepare and present a workshop on the theme in an interactive, proactive and playful way. All workshops will be presented in creative and methodological ways, celebrating non- formal learning, appropriate to the skills and abilities of the groups. They will be high spots during the Exchange programme and provide a collection of informative, and accessible set of skills. Following this Youth Exchange, young participants will be able to respect diversity in achieving equality, gain a common understanding of European values and enjoy new competences, that they can value on a daily basis throughout their lives. Facing the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, the exchange will support an understanding of conflicts and peace building processes.



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