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Children's Identities and Citizenship - Best Practice Guides
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This proposal has focus on European Integration promoting active citizenship in young people through guidance for the training of education professionals and young researchers. It links 25 institutions from 17 states that are involved in training education professionals and concerned with citizenship education (CE) and the development of identities in young people. We emphasise that our concern is not with legally defined notions of citizenship, rather with issues around belonging, status and active participation, and is in line with European and UN childhood and youth agendas that promote student voice and the right to education for all.Moreover, we recognise the need for quality education and training that envisages the European Community as an advanced knowledge-based society, with sustainable economic development and better social cohesion. More specifically our proposal is informed by EU policy (eg ET2020), research (eg Bruter2012) and guidance (EU,2004) that promotes active citizenship and the understanding that European identity and integration goes hand in hand with national, sub-national, and minority group identities. With respect to this the need for improved CE is highlighted by Eurodice (2012); ICCS (2009) and others. Our intended outputs are:• A good practice guide on European Integration in pre-school and school education• A good practice guide on European Integration in pre-and in-service teacher education• Two doctoral student conferences• Three annual partnership conferences The good practice guides will enhance excellence and mainstreaming of EU related studies in a number of academic disciplines and in professional courses.Doctoral student conferences will offer training for up to 20 students fostering the participation of young researchers and promoting excellence in research.Annual partnership conferences provide a forum to exchanges practices and ideas.Indicators of achievement include a report on the impact of network activity



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