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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CHILDREN IN A EUROPE OF 2020 It is a Project that will last 2 years and involves schools from Holland, Denmark, Cyprus, Finland, Hungary and Spain. Most of children in this Project come from disadvantaged backgrounds and all schools have lots of things in common, that is the main reason of the partnership. We have focused on the following objectives: • To reduce the school drop out rates in the communities involved in the project. • To develop the key competences, such as ITC skills and linguistic competences using ways of teaching and learning focused on children. • To improve the linguistic competence in children in order to develop techniques and skills which will be essential for them in the world of work in a close future. • To encourage in children the capacity of work in Europe since early ages by working on linguistic and social competences. • To implement the European dimension amongst all participants, encourage in them internationalization and be open-minded, which is so important to be integrated in a common Europe to prevent our communities’ members of social exclusion in the future. • To use ITC as international instrument of communication, elaboration, evaluation and diffusion of the results. • To improve students’ and teachers’ communication, group working skills, the use of English as common language. • To compare methods of teaching and learning, values of education, school organization and curriculum in order to look for innovative ways of teaching and learning and introduce pedagogical innovations. All schools involved in the partnership will work to achive these aims due to we have nearly the same neccessities. All partners have some strong point to implement the Project but at the same time all of them have neccessities that will be solved with the development of the Project We will focus on children from 10 to 14 years old to achieve the objectives of the Project. This group of children will work directly on the Project, but the whole school community will participate and will be involved in it. It is a very important Project for all teachers and they will have to participate in it in order to colaborate and investigate to look for innovative ways of learning and teaching. All teachers will participate to develop the materials and the manual that will be available and we will spread it out in order to help other schools interested in the method. We will start to work in a new way with the objective of improving the ways of teaching and learning since very early ages at school. We will put it into practice since pre school in the close future with the purpose of increasing the quality of education at this level. This project wants to be innovative by analyzing different ways of learning and teaching in order to create new ways to develop the key competences in children, the improving of ITC techniques and linguistic competence. We will create a commission or committee to select people who is going to select people who is going to participate in mobilities, to evaluate the Project and to spread the results out, to intervene in an emergency and to control de budget. We will have four main products: A manual with different ways of learning and teaching. A dictionary with basic functions in our mother languages. A book with fairy tales. A power-point with the different technologies for preserving the environment. Most of children included in this project are students with fewer opportunities and face problems such as geographical obstacles, economic obstacles and educational difficulties. We will evaluate each aspect of the project three times per year. It will be after the transnational meetings and the learning and teaching activities. The different Commissions will meet in each country and they will report an inform with the evaluation of all items mentioned below. This is our first agenda for transnational meetings and learning teaching activities: • First meeting: It will take place in Denmark in early October 2015. • Second meeting: It will take place in Cyprus in early February 2016. • Learning teaching activity in Hungary (C1) in early May 2016 which includes children. • Third Meeting: It will take place in Finland in early October 2016. • Learning teaching activity in Holland (C2) in early February 2017, which involves children. • Fourth meeting: It will take place in Spain in early May 2017. There will be also a learning teaching activity (C3) which involves children, because it is the final and most important meeting. We will finish all products and we will put into practice our final manual with different ways of learning and teaching languages.



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