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Chiemgau-Lebenshilfe-Werkstätten GmbH
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This projects aims to contribute to obtain the targets of Europe2020 strategy in the fields of employment and poverty/social exclusion. The main goal of the projects is to support the two volunteers in the acquisition of competences and the improvement of their German language skills. 2 volunteers participate in EVS for the duration of 12 months: a 23 year old volunteers from Poland has already gained some theoretical knowledge with disabled persons, which she wants to put in practical use and one 18 year old volunteer from Greece who has not gained any experience with disabled persons. CLW has decided on younger volunteers, because both volunteers will mainly work with disabled persons of the same age group. The 2 volunteers will gain insights in the life of disabled persons and the discriminations and prejudices, they have to endure. CLW is a non-profit organization, which offers workplaces for persons who can not obtain regular jobs because of their disability. We offer workplaces for 400 mental and psychological disabled people. CLW offers a broad variety of workplaces (assembly, packaging, bottling plant, garage, carpentry, organic market garden, etc.). One of our focal points is on personal development. Training courses are offered for disabled persons in creative areas, sports and professional areas. The volunteers are encouraged to offer training courses on the culture of their home countries (cooking courrses, games, language, culture, ...). The volunteer will learn about the work life of disabled people and will assist social education workers, work educationalists, leisure educationalists in the daily work with disabled persons. Projects for the volunteers will include for example planning and implementing of sports, arts and educational courses for disabled people, planning and participating in group travels for disabled people and event management (company-wide Christmas party, summer party etc.) The project at CLW stimulates young people’s spirit of initiative and creativity. Each volunteer has the possibility to design and teach courses for handicapped people on their culture and language with the help and assistance of our professional staff. At the end of the project the two volunteers have improved their competences of: 1. Fight against discrimination 2. Disability 3. Youth poverty 4. European Awareness The improved German language skills helps the volunteers in their future work life, after returning to their home countries. The disabled persons and staff at CLW benefit from the cultural exchange and have an improved European awareness after the EVS.



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