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Charlie goes Europe
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We notice that there is a high interest and motivation among young people in Europe to work in the creative field (sewing, designing, photography…). With this EVS project, we aim to offer an international volunteer a chance to gain experience in the field of creative education, entrepreneurship and social inclusion. Also, we want to make Charlies Naaicafé a more international platform and spread the opportunities and results of the ERASMUS plus programme in Maastricht and on an international level. This project will host one volunteer. The volunteer selected for this project is a young women from Budapest, Hungary of the age of 27. The profile of this participant matches the project as she has an interest in arts/fashion and creativity. The activity takes place in Maastricht, mainly at the creative educational center of Charlies Naaicafé, where the volunteer will be involved in guiding the workshops, working with the social media (website, facebook) of the organisation and also has the possibility to design/create as he or she wishes. If the volunteers wishes, he or she can work on his/her own project. These activities will support our objective of providing the volunteer with educational and creative competences and make the volunteer aware of the benefits of his or her creative talents. This project uses methods of non-formal education, therefore these activities also support our objective of learning by doing. For this EVS project, Charlies Naaicafé works together with PUUR and InnBetween. One day a week the volunteer will work with PUUR and help in running the PUUR helpdesk, the social projects and the shop for small-scale entrepreneurs. Here the volunteer will have the possibility to gain inspiration in the entrepreneurial field (for example, if the volunteer likes clothes design, maybe he or she will gain ideas how to realize an own business). Also, one day a week the volunteer will work at InnBetween, where she/he will help with the organising of activities for their project for refugees (documentary evenings, dinner nights, daytime activities), together with the international students involved. Here the volunteer will learn about the organisation of activities for social inclusion and will have opportunities for involving him/herself in intercultural dialogue. The volunteer will play an active part in sharing project results in the form of pictures, videos or written texts on the Facebook page. Also, the website will be used for spreading the results of the project. As Charlies Naaicafé cooperates closely with her partners in Maastricht, also the results will be shared with them and will be accessibly on their online media as well. Furthermore, Egyesek Youth Association, our partner organisation in Hungary will spread the results and therefore extent the dissemination of the project even more. Because there is a wide and varied range of target groups of this project (which include: people that come to sew, young entrepreneurs, people in disadvantaged positions, refugees, local community of the volunteer in Hungary etc.), many different people will get to know the project and this means many people will be able to see and spread the results.



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