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Changing views
Date du début: 4 mai 2016, Date de fin: 3 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Changing views is a youth exchange project that involves 35 young from Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Romania and Czech Republic. Exchange will take place in Celje youth center between 20.8.2016 and 27.8.2016. Motivation for implementation of this project arises from observation of peers intolerance towards refugees, migrants, as well as evaluation and assessment of people of different cultures through stereotypic idea and with this project we want to expand the importance of tolerance in society, strengthen intercultural dialogue, establish cooperation between young and to promote awareness of consequences of stereotypical thinking on social exclusion. With the implementation of various workshops, lectures, and group work we will "break" stereotypes associated with refugees, different cultures, religion and gender, discuss media coverage of refugee/migrant crisis and its impact on young people, learn about ways of media reporting and channels of communication, prepare an exhibition of photographs and publish a newspaper, which are also the main results of the project. Participants will be informally educated through active participation, acquire and develop key competences throughout the project, strengthen awareness and respect of cultural diversity and include media and local community in the project.

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