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Changing Lives: Service to Others and Self-Leadership
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

TfG has utilised 50+ years of international volunteering experience to develop the project “Changing Lives: Service to Others and Self-Leadership” in international volunteering. This project will involve volunteers from 4 countries (Spain, Germany, France and the Ukraine) travelling to the UK for a year’s full-time volunteer service in various projects based in local communities. Support for volunteers will be provided by staff in their projects, as well as TfG, and will be focused on developing volunteer skills and knowledge, to benefit the local communities. The project makes use of strong partnerships between TfG and organisations in the 4 sending countries. These Sending Organisations will help to recruit and prepare volunteers for their experience, and support them throughout the project. The project will meet the following objectives: - Challenge young people to become actively involved in society by ‘being there’ and caring for others, especially those on the edge of society- Give the volunteer new skills and work experience through volunteering- Develop the volunteer’s capacity to work, and/or live in, groups/teams- Get to know the English culture, people and language ‘from the inside’- Promote intercultural dialogue between young people (in the volunteer group, but also in the local community of which the volunteer is part)- Challenge the volunteer to reflect critically on his/her spirituality and be open to other religions & ways of life - Benefit the Receiving Organisation with the enthusiasm and cross cultural experience of a volunteer, who is able to augment the work of paid staff members with energy, new perspectives and time to build relationships with the community/ client group being served. TfG intend this project to involve 4 volunteers, drawn from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. Participation will be encouraged from volunteers who may otherwise struggle to access opportunities for higher education or work experience due to geographical reasons, health problems or economic obstacles. The project can be accessed by both male and female volunteers. Specific volunteer tasks are dependent on their placement, but each will involve service to others as a core component. Volunteers will be comprehensively trained, supported and supervised to help them manage the challenges of this type of work. The Youthpass tool, as well as TfG’s On Arrival Checklist, Mid Term Review and online surveys, will be used to assess the success of the project and gain participant feedback. For more information, please see sections F and H of the application form. Participants are expected to be significantly impacted by this project. Their knowledge of English culture, language and specific work skills is expected to grow significantly. This positive impact is also expected to extend to the local communities into which the volunteers are placed, as the presence of competent and enthusiastic volunteers adds value to the work of the project.



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