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Chancengleichheit und Gleichbehandlung von Männern und Frauen in Arbeits- und Beschäftigungsfragen in der EU
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The vocational training at the dual vocational college (Duales Berufskolleg) incorporates a job placement of several months. The trainees in the Ortenaukreis, as well as the training companies, the zweiteSchule gemeinnützige Gesellschaft (a non-profit organization), and the Kaufmännische Schulen Lahr work closely together for the mobility project. Local companies have been sending their trainees to European subsidiaries and other cooperating companies for several years as a mobility activity. It is indispensible for local companies depending on export to encourage their trainees’ language skills. The results of the mobility activities over the last years have shown that the participants not only improved their language skills but furthermore enriched their intercultural and methodological competences, not to speak of their positive personal development. The involved companies and the Kaufmännische Schulen Lahr are committed to an improvement of these competencies. The mobility project is going to take place from July until Octobre 2015. Our trainees are going to do their job placements in the UK, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Spain. The trainees of the Duales Berufskolleg are required to complete a job placement for several months during their training. The training companies completely support this measure since they profit from the knowledge and the skills that the trainees acquire in the partner companies abroad. An important part of the mobility measure is the realization of a project which usually deals with current European topics. It is supposed to improve first and foremost the trainees’ linguistic and social skills. Work on the topic “Equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women in matters of employment and occupation in the EU" poses the question, which results are to be expected. in matters of employment and occupation in the EU” is supposed to reveal the political practice of our European neighbours. The research data on aspects of equal opportunities, especially with their impact on the labor markets is awaited with great interest. In detail, the project is aimed at the topics education, justice and quality of life, and social changes concerning individuals while it is mainly aimed at personnel policy concerning companies. The results of the research made will be collected and analyzed in teamwork. The results of the research made abroad will be collected and analyzed in teamwork. The dissemination of results is already described in I.2 .



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