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Challenge Baltic
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

''Piedzīvojuma Gars'' is an outdoor organization that focuses on educating young people through outdoor activities and adventures. We organize camps both in summer and winter, go on hikes and expeditions to unknown places, stay in self-made housing, cook on fire. Apart from that, we do leadership trainings LEC (Love Every Challenge), where we learn and teach youngsters to work in a team, develop ourselves as leaders, learn to build a good atmosphere in the group and set up our aims. The main goal of this project will be developing and improving the program of our already existing LEC training, so that we can later implement it on a Baltic level. We will host 1 adventurous, initiative volunteer from Croatia, whose tasks will include: office work (researching different outdoor organizations' websites and methodologies); physical work outside developing our adventure park (working with alpinism inventory and ropes); learning about different topics on his/her own and later leading small trainings inside and outside the organization; making videos photos and posters of events; planning events and networking (story evenings, finding mentors); planning excursion routes around Latvia etc. However, we want to give the volunteer a lot of free time to develop and realize his/her own ideas. All of this will help the volunteer to understand the way we are working and the methods we use to help young people to discover their hidden potential, maybe to perceive some imperfections in our work and help us to become better. At first, the volunteer will participate in our trainings as a participant, later to become an organizer and even a trainer. Once the volunteer understands the system of LEC, we will start working on improving the program of it - replacing some activities with more meaningful ones and creating a story around them, upgrade the mentoring system. As a result, LEC trainings become more sophisticated and sensible, leading to self-aware, confident, happy and knowledgeable young leaders that take responsibility for their actions and the surroundings around them, become active citizens that care about global and local problems and are ready to put effort in solving them. For the EVS volunteer, this will be a great opportunity to develop oneself as a personality and a leader, gain skills in communicating with ease, planning and organizing events, getting insights into the art of creating an adventure. Challenge Baltic - challenge yourself!



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