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Challenge as a Modern Pedagogical Tool
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Challenge as a Modern Pedagogical Tool was started by a team of teachers from five European schools that are enthusiastic about modernizing current ways of teaching and learning. Participating schools have successfully taken part in various innovative projects and each partner brings expertise in certain areas of implementing modern approaches and using modern technologies. The team of European teachers will work together to learn, develop and experience modern and attractive ways of teaching such as using challenges, ICT, project work, activities based on creativity, collaboration, problem solving etc., gamification, new forms of evaluation including experience points or digital badges. The main objective is to share experience and ideas to influence schools and stakeholders throughout Europe in order to increase quality of education in Europe. New approaches will be formed during a project meeting, transnational learning activities and other activities at participating schools and on-line sessions. At the beginning of the project, participating teachers will develop a handbook showing certain ICT tools and modern ways of teaching, objectives and evaluation. New experience and ideas will be added during the project. The handbook will be used at participating schools in order to implement modern approaches that develop 21st century skills and competences thanks to working on challenging tasks requiring creativity, collaboration, using ICT, critical thinking, problem solving, presenting or evaluating. At the end of the project, a new version of the handbook will be published on-line to rapidly increase the impact in a large scale. The project will have a crucial impact in several areas. First of all, participating teachers will increase their competences, motivation and satisfaction in their daily work. Pupils actively involved will develop 21st century skills and competences, broaden their horizons thanks to collaborating with peers from different European countries, see the importance of foreign languages and will learn to think in European context. Positive learning experience will improve their attitude to different forms of learning. Teachers not actively involved will see the importance of modern approaches and will be motivated to integrate new ways of teaching and go on forming their own techniques, which is a key to developing their pupils' 21st century skills and competences. In addition, participating schools will increase quality and quantity of collaboration inside and outside their schools and their work will be recognized by a wider audience. Local communities will experience European dimension thanks to being involved in certain project activities and general public will discover Europe and modern ways of teaching thanks to a wide range of dissemination activities. The project will show the power of collaboration among European people, promote European Union values as well as European projects. As the main result, higher level of teachers' competences will increase the quality of education at European schools. Besides the handbook for teachers, other important outcomes will be created in the framework of the project. Interactive European Pathways and an interactive book Let's Discover will show Europe from teenagers' points of view in an interactive way thanks to using Augmented Reality app Aurasma, QR codes and on-line tools. Moreover, there will be videos, interactive posters, presentations, blogs, photos, surveys, T-shirt designs, logos etc. as well as a wide range of dissemination activities outcomes available on-line. Created outcomes will be used by teachers and pupils at schools and will be available on-line in the upcoming years. Together with the fact participants will keep informing about modern approaches and promoting them, the project will have a long-lasting impact.



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