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Česko-slovenské komunity
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project react to the call of young people from the Czech Republic, who want to organize the meeting between them and their peers from Slovakia. Community center of Primary school and Kindergarten in Pozořice provides the main support for this activity. The school cooperates on a long term basis with the Primary school of M.R. Štefánik in their partner village Ivanka pri Dunaji, which agreed to become partner in this youth exchange program. The main topics of the meeting are present day media, the representation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in them, recent common history, reasons for separation of both countries and reason why mutual Czech-Slovak cooperation is still highlighted (at least in medias). The goal is to introduce young people, through various activities during the exchange, the history of Czech and Slovak relations and to teach them how to reflect critically the information obtained through media and present day pop culture. At the same time the project creates another frame for cooperation of partner villages (or partner institutions - schools): besides the cooperation on the level of formal education we would like to create a community of young active people who will further cooperate in the preparation of other activities. Anticipated competences of young people on which the project will focus are: ability to critically evaluate received information, ability to write text or present their own knowledge, pass on knowledge to different kinds of audience (from their own peers to their parents, public and village representatives). 15 young people from Czech republic and 15 young people from Slovak will participate in the youth exchange. This international group will be facilitated by 4 leaders. The preparation for the exchange will be done through media club in the Czech Republic and two intensive meetings in Slovakïa. Media club focuses not only on the themes of the exchange but in general on the ability of young people to work with information, presentation skills etc. During the exchange young people will work on the topics, which are mentioned in the activity tab, but they have space to highlight what they become interested in (thanks to wider definitions of themes). The main emphasis is on the reflection of received information and all activities that take place during the program. Reflection will be done through comics and video clips which will also become the presentation of the exchange. Results of the project will be presented in local media (Pozořický zpravodaj, Zpravodaj obce Ivanka pri Dunaji, school newspapers etc.) and introduce to the villages in public presentantion and exhibition. We suppose that the creation of active international team of young motivated people will belong among long-term contributions. This team will be motivated to create other projects of cooperation. At the same time those young people will be able to reflect their own situation, create their own conclusions about.



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