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Cease Cowering: Youth Empower Action Here!
Date du début: 29 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In times of financial crises and increasing youth unemployment, alternative solutions to achieve progress and development are more than essential. The youth remain one of the most vulnerable groups in these turbulent times and therefore, the current EU-YOUTH strategy by the European Commission has recognized the needs to provide more and equal opportunities for young people in education and in the job market and to encourage young people to actively participate in society. The idea behind the Cease Cowering: Youth Empower Action Here (CC: YEAH!) project led by Mladiinfo International and its partners: Mladiinfo Slovakia The Global Experience and, is to create sustainability through youth empowerment and to transform youth into active citizens, well-educated and with well-developed skills and tools to contribute to the labor market and move the society forward. The idea behind the CC: YEAH! project lies exactly in providing a program that will strength the capacities of young people to locate, exploit and transfer the knowledge and skills that are available online in the sphere of education and work, and in that way to make an example of how young people can grow into active citizens and change-makers in their societies. The very implementation of the project which strives at providing the very first on-line MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) course in the field of youth empowerment and building youth capacities as well as a print handbook, presents a unique material of this type. Whilst most of the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are focused on enhancing the knowledge on particular formal education topic and are moreover one-way oriented, Mladiinfo International attempts to actively include the youth and provide a two-way communication through the web-platform, as well as to provide guidance and not only teaching material but also a concrete actions plans and consultancies. Moreover, the priorities addressed by the project are: supporting the production and adoption of OER in diverse European languages, as well as promoting the professional development of staff and youth workers in ICT methodologies. In accordance with the priorities defined in the ERASMUS + Programme Guide, the project is expected to enhance the quality and relevance of education, training and youth work, to increase the entrepreneurship, languages and digital skills of youth, to develop critical thinking by using ICT, OER and virtual mobility, as well as to level up the management and coordination between the three Mladiinfo Network members. A kick off meeting, where 4 participants (1 from each organization) will gather and define the forthcoming activities is planned to take place in Germany. The long-term youth worker mobility is foreseen as one of the crucial project actions, where 2 youth workers from M! International will come to the office of M! Slovensko in Mlynska Dolina, Bratislava, and would jointly work with their 2 Slovak colleagues on the content of the MOOC course and the handbook with title "Skills You Need to Brand You(th)". The evaluation meeting is foreseen to take place in Bratislava where all partners will evaluate the reach out and success of the very first MOOC course in the area of youth empowerment and will discuss the follow up plan. The project target is to reach minimum 100,000 youth globally that will become aware about the required skills and competencies needed for youth career development and where minimum 500 youth globally will get their soft, entrepreneurial and digital skills increased through non-formal online education opportunities. Last but not least, the project CC: YEAH! would be a starting point for strategic mutual response on youth unemployment and youth exclusion in the region of South-East and Central Europe and broader, including the EU member-states, and the non-EU countries. We expect it to be a bottom-up process that would initiate strong youth partnerships in the field of education and would act as generator on future ideas and activities that would use the youth enthusiasm and would empower young people for action all around the globe. A long-term impact of the project is expected to happen on the European governments that should strive to support alternative solutions to the youth unemployment in a form of a policies and strategies, on the employers that would receive employees with a clearer vision about their professional development and more societally-aware as well as to the educational institutions that should consider the non-formal education as an important element of the individual’s development and should provide space for the implementation of the non-formal methods (peer-to-peer, learning by doing, role play) in order to assure best transfer of knowledge.



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