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CCCU Centre for European Studies
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The proposed Jean Monnet Centre for European Studies comes at vital time in British politics. Scholars, university staff, students and civil society continue to combat a daily barrage of misinformation and prejudices about the EU; heightened by the challenge of an upcoming referendum over the British 'vocation European'. Building on its three Jean Monnet awards of 2014, the proposed Centre for European Union Studies (CEFEUS) launches a host of activities, including a new Masters degree in European Politics, based upon a three-fold mandate of teaching, training and outreach to foster progressive insights on EU integration, locally, nationally and internationally:1. MSc IN EUROPEAN POLITICS (teaching): Full-time postgraduate degree launched under the aegis of CEFEUS. 2. QUO VADIS EU?3 (teaching) 160 hour, graduate EU foreign affairs module and 140 hours grad thesis supervision.3. CEFEUS GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS (teaching): 2 annual scholarships awarded for three consecutive years designed to halve the tuition costs of the MSc in European Politics. 4. ANNUAL CEFEUS EU WORKSHOP (training): Intensive 2-day workshop for local public & private sector participants covering EU public & foreign policy. 5. SPORT, DISABILITY & EDUCATION TRAVEL STIPENDS (training): offsetting travel costs for CCCU staff to attend conferences. 6. ANNUAL CEFEUS EUROPEAN SPEAKER SERIES (outreach): 2 EU-based speakers presenting to academic and public audiences at CCCU on salient issues facing the EU .7. ANNUAL JEAN MONNET 6TH FORM SIMULATION GAME (outreach): Annual 1-day team-taught workshop for 200+ local high school students covering the basics of EU integration, ending with EU summit simulation.8. POLITICS/IR JEAN MONNET STIPEND (training): offsetting travel costs to other Centres of Excellence. 9. CEFEUS STUDENTSHIP (training): paid PG-level studentship to assist in CEFEUS admin.10. CEFEUS Webpages (outreach): hosting Quo Vadis webinars, Speaker Series podcasts and post-stipend blogs.