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CB Peloid and Highly-mineralised water research (PARES)
Date du début: 31 juil. 2010, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2011 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The vision of the project is to create a well-developed system of application and distribution of peloids and highly mineralized water from Orlovača locality in the border region gathering scientific institutions, local self-governments, SMEs towards its sustainable and environmentally responsible exploitation and economical growth. This vision will be reached through the realization of overall objective which is going to contribute to the promotion and development of application of peloids and highly mineralized water from Orlovača locality through medical and geological researches. With the realization of this objective will be resolved the main defined problems in border areas. Orlovacas site has big unexploited capacity and therefore it is necessary to conduct a research about quantity and quality of its peloids and highly-mineralized water in order to ascertain geomorphologic qualities and exploitation potentials of peloids and highly mineralized water from Orlovača and to confirm determined positive impact in healing, rehabilitation and spa treatments of Orlovacas peloids and highly mineralized water and explore their new application. Also, in the border region there are many health resorts, but not all of them are offering peloid treatments, thus the networking of centers/experts nor application of high quality peloids from Orlovaca in other rehabilitation centers doesnt exist yet. The partnership in this project is composed of the partners that have already cooperated in the past. Municipalities of Ada and Mako have a long tradition of cooperation, they have been twin Municipalities already for 30 years. As a matter of fact Municipality of Mako was the first twin Municipality of Ada. Continuous and good cooperation was developed on/in cultural, sport, political, tourist, economic and other levels/fields. The Borough Council of Mol has good partnership relations with the Spa Junaković (the associate partner) and the medical research phase will be done there in cooperation with university professors from the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad. With this project we would like to outreach: experts community that will run joint R&D program, rehabilitation centers/health resorts in the border region as state for developing commercially viable products. With the support of the project, they will have increased and stronger connections to Hungarian health resort/rehabilitation sector, and by all hopes, new business lines will evolve. SMEs involved in distribution of the peloid and highly-mineralized water will meet the advantages of new forms of collaboration as a step towards economic growth and will use the competence database, opening more space for synergy among companies and other players in this sector. At the end of the project realization the partners will publish the brochure containing the results of the researches and recommendations for further sustainable development of the newly developed product. Achievements: Qualitative and quantitative research of peloid and higly mineralised waters was done as well as geological, balneological and medical research. Within the research, the program of mineral waters and peloid at Orlovaca site and geodetic survey and development of the site plan for aera of 5.2ha was undertaken; exploratory drilling was performed in 16 wells; drilling was performed in 7 piezometars with specific measurements and testing extraction; geologic maping and drilling tests were sampled for laboratory examination of mineral waters and peloid. Based on extensive laboratory analysis of peloids and higly minerlised waters (24), a balneological opinion on the terapeutical value of Orlovaca peloid was obtained. Peloid from Orlovca was transpored for treatments to spa Rusanda and Dioshop, Mako. Medical treatments and furthermedical analysis were carried out in the spa Rusanda on the basis of medical protocol that was approved after meeting of the geological and medical team and as a transfer of best practise from the previous project by Mako.A study about the results of the geological research was made. Patients were selected in both med. institutions, 50 in Rusanda, 60 in Mako and subsequent med. treatmets were carried out. Medical data and exerience were shared between medical teams, and a medical study was produced as a result.



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