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Catering Training in European Countries
Date du début: 30 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

TThe project is designed for 14 students in the second year of training cycles Intermediate Cuisine and Gastronomy and Catering Services. Students between 17 and 19 from Caceres and neighboring rural areas (exceptionally some could be older)These will be accompanied by the technical teacher who taught their class during the two years spent at our center and in particular the tutors Training Module in Work Centres.The main objective is the use of another language to enrich their training and basic education in particular language as applied to your professional work. Like any profession that involves a "customer", using different languages is essential to make their business increase competitivenessAnother goal is the pursuit of perfection of their profession (hotel) in a country of the Mediterranean, knowing their food culture, culinary traditions and local food products. Not forgetting the practical application in their future profession of chefs and waiters. In addition, they are being implemented in companies learned in class content, knowing first hand the real situation of the sector. And of course, the implement the theoretical knowledge.The mobilities will be carried out by students at the beginning of the 3rd quarter of 2017. These students will go when they finish studies at the Centre and enable them to perform F.C.T., that is, when they are ready to face their first work experience. This training module has as one of its main objectives the labor market. So we find that our students can also expand their experience through finding a job, if it were not so, this mobility would serve them as one more point in their curriculum.The main activity will be to carry on business practices in the catering sector to be incorporated in full-time working, concretized in the realization of food and service of these within a company in the sector, in positions of cooks and servers under the supervision of the professional company.On free days, alternative activities related to their profession will be done; visits to wineries, wine or cheese tastings, visits to companies for insitu manufacturing or manufacturing of local food products ... In the early days we will make meetings at hotel schools in Asti and La Roche Sur Yon in which students also get to know their partners and share "stove" and "table"The desired end is the full integration of students with a comprehensive training companies for their industry. Multilingualism being one of the pillars of these actions.



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