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Catalyzing Long-term Relationships of Technical departments 2015
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Catalyzing Long-term Relationships of Technical departments 2015 (CaLoReT 2015) is part of the consolidation process of Xabec 's internationalization. This process is focus on the institution both as vocational training center, and the founder center of InnMain European network ( XABEC is the coordinator of the mobility strategy of InnMain, including 18 institutions from 12 EU countries. The project name is representative of the spirit behind the proposal: an authentic "catalysis". Taking as a simile the process by which the speed of a chemical reaction is supported (or increased) due to the participation of a substance called a catalyst. InnMain members want to turn the mobility of our students into a regular, sustainable and successful practice for all stakeholders: students, teachers, companies and families. The departments are the catalyst of all those "reactions" generated by means of students and teachers' mobilities. After three years of team work, a tool based on "Common Units of Learning" has been developed. The online tool fill the need for professionalism in the preparation of the MoU between institutions ( The MoU sets the basis for the preparation of the specific activities to be undertaken in a school during the period of mobility. Activities must be measurable and capable of recognition and validation by the sending institution, which fully agrees with our "ProjectX". ( Since ProjectX do not require an overall match in academic level or programs, mobilities of teachers, to exchange ProjectX implementation between institutions is a medium-term goal. Thus national education systems are respected and the ordinary rhythm of classes is not disturbed. CaLoReT 2015 has three objectives: 1.- TEACHERS. Constitute International Technical Departments, based on common knowledge areas. Departments gather teachers of similar subjects, from whom proposals of students and teachers' mobilities, may arise in the future. From such departments will naturally arise interesting strategic partnerships for academic innovation. To achieve this goal 11 meetings have been scheduled in 11 different countries. Xabec organizes the meeting in "Human Factors" and attends 9 more meetings. Xabec teachers who will use mobilities for this call are the Heads of Department and, in some cases, will travel with a collaborator. 2. STUDENTS. A group of 3 students carry out three months internships in Portugal and the UK. The companies share our mobility strategy. 3. STUDENTS. And 6 students will travel to four schools for a “ProjectX” previously agreed and validated by both institutions (sending and receiving) with assessment and validation of learning outcomes. The most important result is the consolidation of InnMain European network. All of the partners are well-known: we have worked together in the past in TOI projects, or associations. And, of course, with some we already have positive experiences of mobilities. Mobilities of both teachers and students will have their prior preparation: Technical Departments have a script supervised by the Executive Board of InnMain, and students will be prepared according to standard procedure established by Xabec's Internal Rules of procedure. Xabec has a International Department that will be the one responsible for the administrative management of the entire project (see presentation: The expected impact on Xabec environment will be very important: - firstly, teachers are going to be involved with the international department. This sets a new challenge on continuous improvement and extra motivation to improve language skills. - In the students, because the mobilities of ProjectX will not break the ordinary rhythm of classes and do not require a high level of knowledge in foreign languages. This has already gotten the attraction of our students, increasing the number prospective students who wish to have an international experience. - In companies related with Xabec because they ask for students with social and international skills. - In the Valencian and Spanish society in general, because we honestly think that this experience can be put as an example of good practice. - And at European level, we hope to keep increasing the number of schools participating in this project, with this tool and methodology. As a final summary we can say that CaLoReT 2015 reflects a desire to consolidate the international dimension we want for Xabec, in the context of InnMain European network: a reliable and stable network, with a strategy perfectly aligned with the objectives of the EU 2020 strategy.



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