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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The context of this project is the higher education in entrepreneurship, business and management in undergraduate major and minor, MBA, and Executive MBA levels. The primary objective of this project is to enhance the diffusion of the case teaching and case writing in emerging countries and economies to improve the quality and relevance of education, to create high quality learning opportunities and to strengthen quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation in higher education, by developing real-life case studies on entrepreneurship, business and management. As the wealth of training materials grow, this will increase the quality of higher learning opportunities in emerging countries and economies and strengthen the understanding of the business context in those countries in more developed countries. We are expecting approximately 700.000 people to benefit from this project directly or indirectly, as the developed case studies will increase the quality and the relevance of higher education in entrepreneurship, business and management in emerging countries, and also inform students at various levels about emerging country contexts and business problems. It will also enhance entrepreneurial tendencies and creativity among student circles across the world with interesting examples of entrepreneurship. The project will be governed by a management structure consisting of a project board, an executive committee, a project coordinator, project control officers providing financial and administrative support and an external advisor overseeing project risks and progress. Together with the project management structure, we also employ a detailed management plan and a set of management tools for the successful completion of this project. With a large number of diverse activities, with complementary results and impacts, the project aims to bring higher education more relevant to the real life problems and enhance its content. After a series of case teaching and case writing workshops, intensive training sessions, case review courses, roadshows and multiplier events, this project aims to create two international case repositories, with diverse cases from emerging country contexts, located at ITU and METU, two leading technical universities of Turkey in partnership with SMART Partners and Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management - Case Development Center. The project also expects issuing an international volume of emerging country case studies, in the form of an edited journal special issue, or an edited book. In the longer-term the project will potentially: 1. Create more case studies, in entrepreneurship, business and management, particularly about SMEs and provide diverse examples to readers from various sectors and backgrounds, giving them realistic warnings about what to expect in emerging country settings. 2. Help higher education institutions offer a more realistic preview of the post-college work experience, due to the skills generated by the case method, such as communication, teamwork, analyses, and learning to learn, that are essential to meet workplace demands. 3. Create future opportunities of teamwork and collaboration, particularly in the area of joint case study authorship and editing, at the international level with partner and participating universities, and enhance the diversity of teaching cases and the case study writers community worldwide. 4. Trigger and enhance university-industry collaboration at the pan-European level, due to invaluable opportunity provided by the case study development by mixed teams. 5. Provide broader access to cases in emerging markets such as Turkey, and therefore helping higher education institutions to train future managers and expatriates with more effectiveness and relevance.


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