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Carpe Diem
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Carpe Diem" stands for "seeking the day". Seeking the day describes the youth exchange perfectly as it offers new experiences which require steeping out of one's comfort zone on each day of the project. Carpe Diem is a youth exchange that concentrates on teaching self-expression. The objectives of the project are to: • Empower youngsters to express themselves through speech and body-language and gain new communication skills • Help the participants to step out of their comfort zone and give a public performance • Raise awareness of cultural and personal background influencing our identity • Break stereotypes and prejudices about minority groups The main issue addressed during Carpe Diem is the poor communication skills that is widely spread among youth. The project will contain different types of self-expression workshops such as debating, public speaking, theater, clowning, contemporary dance etc. Self-expression will be also targeted by breaking stereotypes workshops which concentrate on growing tolerance and respect towards other nationalities and minority groups in the society. All methodologies used during activities are non-formal learning methods. At the end of the week, the participants will be divided into three groups (choir singing, contemporary dance , theater/clowning) and are asked to put together a 10-15 min performance. On the last day of the project there will be performances held at Piip ja Tuut Mängumaja (Theater and playhouse for children) and the streets of Tallinn Old Town. Youngsters will also give an 1-hour theater workshop for children at Piip ja Tuut Mängumaja. The aim of the performances and giving of the workshop is to show the results of Carpe Diem and make the participants to step out of their comfort zone. During the workshop given for children the participants will get to practice their teaching skills. The self-expression skills learned during the project will help the participants to improve their communication skills which play a crucial part in getting a job, performing in the public etc. Carpe Diem is an Erasmus+ youth exchange that involves 20 youngsters from Estonia, Gerogia, Italy and Moldova. The age of the participants is 18-30 years. Carpe Diem will take place from 16th-24 of August in Tallinn, Estonia. The project is a follow-up to youth exchange Babel which was held in the summer of 2014 in Turku, Finland.



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