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Career Guidance Services developing an entrepreneurial spirit in secondary school students. II - CGSEII

Developing entrepreneurship is a key objective for the European Union. It is a driver of innovation, development and the creation of new jobs. It is identified as a key competence in the Lisbon agenda.Enterprise is a talent we admire in individuals and applaud in companies. In a competitive global market, it is also a vital attribute for nations and for Europe. This project will take existing innovation developed in the LdV project: Career Guidance Services for Entrepreneurship -, transfer it to new national contexts and languages and develop the project idea further to a Guidebook for Entrepreneurship as strategy for teaching in secondary vocational education. The original project developed and tested a set of three guidelines concerning the development of entrepreneurship in young people in education and training, which have continued to be used in the original partner schools and have also been taken up by additional schools in partner countries. Some of the original partners have started to develop the original Guidelines to teacher training courses in cooperation with teacher training institutions in their regions, Norway, Poland and Sweden.This project will be run by a consortium of vocational school partners and teacher training Universities. The main development work will be done by the school partners supervised from the University partners. Sør-Trøndelag County council will be the coordinator and project leader.The main outcome from the project will be a joint Guideline book with suggestions and recommendations how to teach the entrepreneurial way and how can entrepreneurship be the main strategy for teaching in secondary vocational education. We will describe how counsellors and teachers can guide their students and how schools can cooperate with local businesses to teach in an more entrepreneurial way.We have a lot of research that shows that Entrepreneurship in many facets have a great impact on how students thrive in school and that it has a positive impact to prevent drop outs.



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