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Care farming: Connect & Create Effect
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Two volunteers (Belgian and German) will work in the EVS project: "Care farming: Connect & Create Effect". This project will take place at the care farm Hamster Mieden in Drogeham, a village in the north of the Netherlands from October 2015 untill october 2016. The Stifting Buitengebied Drogeham (the full official name of the association) organises active and educative farm visits, school visits, excursions, work camps etc. on the organic farm and nature park "Hamster Mieden". An important goal of the farm is to educate children and adults to be more involved in the sustainable management of the natural environment. Due to busy and hectic lives people become alienated from nature and children spend more and more time behind the computer. On the farm, the kids are busy with all kinds of educational and nature activities. Also, children who need extra care are welcome in the so called 'guest weekends'. The mission is: "Enjoying and learning to appreciate animals and nature by running the farm in partnership with others - both young people and adults - in a socially responsible manner." During the visits, the groups work on the farm and learn to relate what they are doing in relationship with the daily food on their plate. Tasks of the two volunteers: - Taking care of animals - Hosting groups of childeren and teaching them (in Dutch) about the farm animals - Activities in the natural landscape - Maintenance of the natural landscape - Giving a hand where needed - Expressing their interests and experience, so that they can use this at the farm (together with the farmer the volunteers will look at how they can implement their skills and experience into daily farmlife) SIW and the hostorganisation believe it’s important that volunteers are truly motivated to do volunteerwork, contribute to society, work on personal development and broaden their horizons. Our aim is to have two volunteers on the project who have a good mix of suitability for the work, affinity with the goals of the host organisation as well as EVS (personal development, intercultural exchange etc). The two volunteers will also organise a cultural learning exchange with at least two other European (non-Dutch) carefarms in the summer of 2016 Objectives are to bring different parties together to learn from eachother on how to improve their way of carefarming. By discussing their workmethods the carefarms will discover new ways of carefarming and strengthen existing ways. The overarching objective of this project is bringing people together in order to let them learn from eachother. All the parties included in this project (the carefarm Hamstermieden, the European carefarms which will participate in the exchange, the villagers at Drogeham, the children and the youngster who visit the farm) will learn from eachother by being in contact with one another. Through talking to eachother and sharing ideas, thoughts, opinions, ways of working, sharing values and customs, all these parties will not only learn about farm(ing) and the environment, but mostly about themselves. We believe that that is the strength and the beauty of this project. We hope that all these parties will take this (learning)experience with them and further develop themselves and strengthen their qualities in the future. The beauty of people from different countries being involved is that they take their experience and knowledge with them back home to their country. We can only wish that the impact of this EVS experience will spread out like an oil slick all throughout Europe, and hopefully the world. We would like as much people as possible to learn about the postive effects of European Voluntary work on society, Europe and the world and that people will learn about the effect that can be achieved when people connect and work with eachother.



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