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Carbon resistive random access memory materials (CARERAMM)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2013, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Carbon offers an exciting route to the realisation of future generations of high-performance, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, resistive-switching type non-volatile data storage. Scalability to the molecular level, sub-nanosecond switching time, ultra-low power operation, environmental stability, environmental friendliness, simple memory structures, advanced functionality and cost-effectiveness are all features readily provided by carbon-based data storage materials.CareRAMM will develop advanced carbon-based resistive switching materials, specifically sp3-rich a-C and graphene-oxide (GO) films, for next generation non-volatile data storage applications.Our aims are: (i) To fabricate and characterise a-C and GO films for resistive memory applications (ii) To determine the precise nature and origin of resistive switching in such a-C and GO films (iii) To determine the ultimate scalability - dimensionally, temporally and in terms of energy - of such resistive switching (iv) To determine the expected limits of endurance, lifetime and operating temperatures.We will also pursue entirely new materials concepts that potentially offer enhanced performance, in particular 'all carbon' materials combinations and structures (e.g. graphene/a-C/graphene).Measurable project objectives include: (i) sub-nanosecond switching times (ii) sub-10 nm feature size (iii) sub-10 µW write power (~ pJ write energy) (iv) predicted lifetime of at least 10 years at 100C for consumer applications (v) predicted lifetime of at least 10 years at 200C for automotive, aerospace and military applications (vi) demonstration of multi-level storage capability (vii) demonstration of memristive-like functionality (viii) demonstration of suitability of GO-materials for flexible memories.To realise our objectives we bring together academic and industrial partners with internationally leading expertise covering all aspects of the proposed work.



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