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Car-2-Lab - Ein innovatives Modell zur praxisorientierten Vermittlung digitaler Innovationen in der beruflichen Erstausbildung – am Beispiel Fahrzeugtelematik
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BACKGROUNDFor both the society and the economy, "digital revolution" means an upheaval that is comparable to the transition from an industrial to a service society. This will radically change the automotive industry. Major trends are set by the merging of the two forms of mobility - physical locomotion and internet. The EU education systems (VET & HE) must quickly find solutions in order to adequately address the rapidly developing new technologies in education and to teach the digital skills that are required for new fields of work.Currently, VET in automotive professions barely addresses ICT aspects, the professional education does not cover any content regarding vehicle telematics. Technological innovations do only slowly start to be incorporated in VET. The need of the automotive industry for highly qualified workforce with ICT skills will however increase significantly in the coming years.The OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT ‚Car-2-Lab‘ is to show (exemplarily for the automotive sector) how new digital technologies can be integrated in professional education. Using the example of vehicle telematics (C2C/C2X), we will develop an innovative VET-learning model that translates vehicle technology and digital content into competences and skills, transfers those competences into learning units and applies them in practical training. This will break down the supposed separation between mechanics and ICT in automotive engineering. In this context, we also encourage cooperation of VET-schools with research and science.The TARGET GROUPS are apprentices in automotive professions (as users of new learning models), teachers from VET and higher education, as well as government and regulatory bodies (as users of our recommendations).Our project brings together VET-institutions of the automotive sector, higher education and research institutions, SMEs and business associations from 4 EU countries (DE, DK, IT, PL). We selected partners, who have proven technical expertise and long experience in the automotive sector and who are open-minded to introducing new technologies and innovations into VET.PROJECT ACTIVITIES include: developing a learning model on vehicle telematics for use in VET and HE (with a module curriculum, a digital learning tool "telematics kit" and learning units), testing of the model with learners, elaborating recommendations, networking with stakeholders in terms of fostering geographical and sectoral transfer and permeability VET-HE, as well as realising accompanying multiplier events and learning activities, PR and dissemination.The PROJECT METHODOLOGY interlinks multiple levels of action: institutional capacity building of vocational schools (methods and tools to cope with innovative technologies in teaching), competence development of teaching staff in dealing with such innovations, and finally the practical application of the new learning model by the apprentices.For each area of action (telematic kit, VET-module, HE-module, recommendations, dissemination) we establish working groups involving project experts and relevant stakeholders in the four countries. This makes synergies work.The MAIN PROJECT RESULT of "Car-2-Lab" is our innovative learning model that includes the module curriculum for vehicle telematics, the digital learning tool and the new learning units. Through our learning model, trainees and bachelor students may gain practice-oriented skills in telematics applications. More general, the following results are achieved in conjunction with the new learning model:*Improved skills among teachers to teach ICT and technological innovation *A significantly strengthened cooperation between VET-schools, universities, research institutions and companies across the EU, and finally*Improved digital skills and technological competences of the apprentices that boost their employment opportunities.The IMPACT generated through ‚Car-2-Lab‘ covers: *improved quality of vocational education and greater attractiveness of VET-schools, with new learning opportunities for technological innovation, professional learning models and media, participatory learning methods and well qualified teaching staff*Availability of highly qualified professional workforce with adequate competences in vehicle telematics*strengthened competitiveness of automotive companies that employ professionals with telematics skills*consolidated international networking and cooperation of stakeholders from education, business and science*Impulses for further developments in the vocational education and training systemsThe LONG-TERM BENEFIT is an economic one, a social one and a societal one: It means increased competitive power in the automotive industry, attractive employment opportunities for young skilled workers, more service quality for consumers, wide application of digital solutions to strengthen environmental protection. Finally, new technologies become an integral part of the quality of life in the society.

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