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Capturing Worthy in Nature's Beauty
Date du début: 1 mars 2013,

The project is a Youth Exchange involving 36 young people from Serbia, the UK, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Poland to be held in Vrnjačka banja, Serbia hosted by CSSD on the theme of using photography as a tool for environmental protection. The objective of the Youth Exchange is to give young people seven-days stake in the natural environment and a reason to wish to preserve it. Young people in Europe today are usually urban dwellers with little contact with the natural environment. They therefore have little reason to use and therefore protect the environment. By taking young people from across Europe and teaching them the skills of landscape photography in the beautiful countryside of Serbia young people are given a stake in the environment and a solid reason to want to preserve it. Not only this but the photographs they take with inputs of professionals can be used to spread the word and inspire other people to also use and preserve the natural environment. It will therefore utilise workshops on why the environment is important, what threats it faces, whether or not we need to preserve the environment and how to campaign against climate change and environmental degradation as well as workshops on aspects of photography, such as photographic composition, lightning and effects, with the aim being to put on an exhibition of the participants photographs for the local people of Vrnjačka banja at the end of the Youth Exchange. The project also aims to promote cross-border cooperation in the fight against climate change.



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