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Capturing History
Date du début: 11 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 10 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

By developing the "Capturing History" project, our intention is to be able to have a direct impact on Funchal and Madeira Island community. Given the characteristics of our island, it’s extremely important for us to be able to reach out to the maximum number of visitors as we can, in order to give our visitors the opportunity to experience a new culture and way of life.We hope that through the cooperation with EVS volunteer,who will promote Funchal and Madeira in general,outside its borders,we will increase the tourist visits there what will impact on economic development and increase an employment on the island.Goals of the"Capturing History"project are:-To facilitate young people to social and professional integration-as well as fostering personal self-realization and development,-To use of formal and non-formal learning to promote cohesion and understanding across different groups,promote equal opportunities and reduce differences in achievements,-To rise awareness about the value of volunteering, including through learning from each other and promote volunteering-To create access to places where young people can develop their creativity and interests and in a constructive way to spend time,-To promote the knowledge of young people about the culture and heritage in the different EU Member StatesThe "Capturing History" project aims:- intercultural learning of young people in different cultural environment- to promott the learning mobility of all young people- to promote gaining higher education- expand knowladge of volunteer and local community as well as the tourist about europan heritage by preparation informations about guided tours- to show young people the value of history and traditions, what is trivialized in our times- to help in planning and setting strategies for the marketing, PR, communication and dissemination of information about AAUMAactivities and contribute for updating the communication channels of the association- to support the activities, courses and workshops developed in the Jesuit Collage (especially targeted at children and youth struggling with their education) One of the key components of those projects is the Department of Communications, whose function is to prepare the project for the public. This role includes several tasks, such as capturing photos/videos related to the projects, preparing those photos/videos for future use, preparing promotion material such as banners, websites, teasers, posters, flyers or maps, and other tasks directly related to communication and promotion of the projects.The main activities, in farme of the "Capturing History" project, in which the volunteer will develop work are the cultural projects, which are available throughout the whole year and involve people from several European countries, developed with the objective of getting everyone to know the richness in history and culture of Madeira. As a member of the Department of Communication,the volunteer will have a role in every project developed by AAUMa. This includes all the sport activities,like levada walks,karting or football tournaments,in which the volunteer will not only prepare the promotion material for the public, ike banners, flyers and posters, before the events take place but will also capture photos and videos of the events. Other projects are our social projects: UMajuda, Nourishment Grand,Supply Scholarship and the To Read project or other initiatives that happen, like the formation courses or the summer camp Doutorecos.The role of the volunteer will be the same: preparing the informative material for the public, preparing the digital content and the printed content, and capturing photos and videos of the projects in course.This project will allow volunteer to:-plan PR strategy, tactics and actions;-examine the target group and for this specific audience (depand on which activity are we talking about) prepare promotional materials;-choose the objective/goal for which a particular promotional campaign he/she leads(e.g. attract people to an event/ find volunteers to help etc);-examine the history and beauty of monuments as well as landscaping of Madeira Island and Funchal particulary;-prepeare the content of message/advert/leaflet adapted to the recipient;-use correct multimedia materials, selected for a specific target group. Differante type of photos/pictures have to have lefleats/poster/booklet directed to kids, another to youth and much more differante adressed to tourists;-prepare the whole campaigne of promotion,choosing places where materials should appear;-choose informational channel (internet: social media, what kind of websites;local radio or television; local toruistic centers, etc)-write articles after event



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