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Capsule-based system to enable Precision Livestock Farming and eliminate escapees in marine aquaculture (AQUAFARMCONTROL)
Date du début: 1 août 2013, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The consortium of SMEs in the AQUAFARMCONTROL project will pursue a large innovation and market opportunity through the development and demonstration of an innovative system to enable Precision Livestock Farming in marine aquaculture and to effectively eliminate the mounting and critical problem of escapes from fish pens. The system will be based on a multi-purpose capsule implanted in fish, in combination of both SONAR transmitter and GSM surveillance technologies.In order to achieve the project objectives, the SMEs that integrate the consortium will collaborate with renowned RTD performers to overcome several scientific and technical barriers. The project targets radical innovation related to sonar technology and real-time surveillance of screening of marine fish pens; micro-electronics and ID capsules – as well as integration and development of appropriate control strategies and systems. The developed and demonstrated system carries a host of benefits and unique selling points to the end-users in the marine aquaculture industry – notably mitigation of severe environmental problems related to escapes as well as large costs and efficiency advantages. The benefits will ensure the competitiveness and viability of European aquaculture – and at the same time allow the SME consortium to exploit a very large, global large market opportunity.The SME consortium has the capabilities to produce and market the system, but lacks the financial resources as well as the expertise in micro-electronics, materials and IT to enable the required technological development. Therefore, the group has identified the Research for SMEs programme as the suitable vehicle for overcoming the technological and financial barriers of the project.



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