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Capitalising knowledge on Alpine Building Culture by performing regional smart planning and consultancy strategies for sustainable development and closed loop economies in the Alpine Space (AlpBC)
Date du début: 31 août 2012, Date de fin: 29 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project AlpBC will define and implement strategies and measures to preserve and advance Alpine Building Culture in the broader context of territorial development and ecologic sustainability. It aims at enabling local actors to capitalize on this outstanding cultural asset as a source of regional identity and economic development. Central elements of AlpBC are a) the implementation of inter-municipal planning concepts, b) the stimulation of regional closed loop economies in the building sector, c) the implementation of a network of regional centers and contact points for transfer of knowledge and technologies on building renovation to SMEs, decision makers and administration, and d) the implementation of participative governance processes and consultancy instruments for policy makers and regional authorities. AlpBC capitalizes on the outcomes of previous projects on building culture and energy efficiency (e.g. project AlpHouse). Achievements: The main activities in AlpBC were the pilot implementation of RCLE, e.g. in Vorarlberg the “wood project - inter-municipal-forest” and the first participative symposium in Bregenz (11/2013), where the consortium and stakeholders discussed the issues of regional building culture and RCLE in a workshop. During the symposium, they also went on a guided visit for best practice examples and presented the results in a public conference. Furthermore, the project partners developed a transnational approach for AlpHouse Centers & AlpHouse Contact Points at a project meeting in Bolzano (10/2013). The project partners defined the capitalization strategy and drafted 25 measure portraits for the knowledge base report. Meanwhile specific measures were taken in order to increase the awareness of AlpBC. The project website has been regularly updated and several newsletters, articles as well as presentations at fairs, conferences and workshops have contributed to a broader understanding of the project.



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