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"Capital Humano, Rumo a uma Europa Global “
Date du début: 1 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Educational Project of Vocational School Profitecla based on a training model focused on student and monitor their personal project . Favors a critical education that provides the interpretation of reality rather than the mere recording of ephemeral knowledge . Right now we are strongly committed to internationalization of our educational project , which does not stop on the idea of development and implementation of projects financed by the European Union . Develops this idea and implements it in different ways , including conducting trips to European companies , leaders have an account on your industry and who meet the training areas of the school , organizes visits to fairs and international exhibitions , giving known to his students the most innovative happens in different areas of activity related to the courses ; promotes and encourages internships in companies in Europe and PALOPS , in that within it welcomes students from these countries . This is the background of the project Teaching Professional Profitecla - School / Ensiprof Ltd, whose experience in European Mobility Projects and dates back to 1993 . It is in this sense that cooperation with the business world in the international aspect is consistent with the vocation of professional education and makes us more determined to instill in students the staff , the teachers and leaders , the assumption that learning processes are increasingly increasingly diverse and are constantly changing , so the professional autonomy and the ability to innovate are part of the requirements to promote and develop the educational spaces . We believe that this innovation ERASMUS + , lets look at the school in a much broader perspective and gives chance to many of the teachers, who were not accustomed to leaving your comfort zone to confront the opportunity that is now given to them , leaving for countries who do not know and to experience unforgettable experiences . Will still have the opportunity to become familiar with other forms of work at school , communicate in the languages ​​of Europe , improve their training as citizens within the European labor , strengthening the awareness of citizens of a Europe to which we all belong . On the other hand , can even open windows of opportunity for those who want to work in another country , even for a short period of time . Aware of the need for young people and adults to contact with new experiences, Ensiprof through this application is intended to contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment pupils contribute to combat School Dropout increasing their skills to cope with the new labor market increasingly globalized ( European area ) . Participation in these mobilities , obliges beneficiaries to communicate in a language other than their mother tongue , which increases their ability to communicate and adapt to permanent changes that arise in various professional contexts . Nowadays , the field of foreign languages ​​is essential for most professions that young people of this generation will have access . The relations of enterprises and institutions are more globalized , implying constant international contacts , wherein at least the knowledge of English is essential . Participants will have all the necessary logistical support to a European mobility experience and requires a permanent channel of communication with the school and are described in more detail elsewhere in this form. The partners coordinate mobility from the moment they receive students in their countries . All partners scrupulously fulfill their tasks in accordance with the obligations set out in the letters of partnership. According to the letters of commitment that we have attached our application ERASMUS + . Actions / projects mobility of this application intend to share , in a transnational context , the issues and practices implemented in day- to-day school , across the different actors of the educational process - students , staff , teachers and leaders , and related to the definition the goals we want to achieve the proposed actions : - Facilitate the personal development of Staff , providing the acquisition of " know-how " and "How to 's " in the specific area of education , allowing the improvement of teaching quality and combat early school leaving through models and innovative learning environments ; - Learn innovative and differentiated educational experiences and methodologies and approaches of the Portuguese educational system allows , in comparison with other educational systems of Europe; - Provide acquisition of new skills , enabling the employability of participants; - Develop communication skills in foreign languages ​​for all participants ;



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