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Capacity Building Stage XIII
Date du début: 1 août 2009,

The goal of the EVS-project "Capacity Building Stage XIII" is to promote volunteering and youth activism, provide possibilities for young people to be involved in volunteer activities, and improve cooperation and networking among NGOs.Many of the projects take place in remote regions and directly involve people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Volunteers are going to assist in centers for socially disadvantaged and/or disabled children, youth or elderly people, others are going to support NGOs in their work in the field of non-formal learning, promotion of volunteering and Human rights issues.Building on previous experiences and quality assessments "Capacity Building Stage Xlii" aims to continue the cooperation with those hosting projects that were most satisfying for previous volunteers and gain sustainability. We also aim to further extend the programme to give new hosting partners the chance to strengthen their structure and benefit from the intercultural dialogue offered by the EVS exchange. 18 young volunteers from Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Finland, Italy, France and Great Britain will spend 10 months in projects of our partners in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.



18 Participants partenaires