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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Campus+" project is about the hosting of two European volunteers, one coming from Belgium and the other from Spain, for ta duration of 10 months, in two different services of the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour:- one being more focused on culture and creativity within the cultural service of the "House of Students"- the other one about information about the Erasmus+ program, cultural activities on the campus and support to international students by participating in the activities of the International Relations office.This project is also the meeting of two sectors: the one of non-formal education and the one of formal education, since the hosting organisation is a University. Within this context, the "Campus+" project aims at valorising the non-formal educative process in the field of skills development. Participation, creativity and entrepreneurship are some of the key words of this project, since the volunteers will have the opportunity to join existing activities of the hosting organisations, but they will also have the possibility to take initiatives and propose their own activities. The partnership aims at developing a cooperative approch of the entrepreneurship spirit with the youngsters and beyond this, promoting Europe in each partner country . It will give the possibility to highlight the value of the cultural diversity in Europe. The participants will participate in the promotion of their own culture in other countries (and vice versa). This objective was born from the assessment that despite a geographical proximity, European people do not know so much (or bad) their neighbours, even the closest and that common preconceptions are numerous. Thus, we want to create a space where dialogue can happen between the citiziens, no matter their country of origin. Pistes-Solidaires is the coordinating organisation of this project and will pay attention on the way both the hosting organised and the volunteers will be supported during the project. Thanks to the sharing of tutoring methods and tools started especially by Pistes-Solidaires as a coordinating organisation, the project aims at developing common practices within the partnership in the different countries, with a perspective of multiplying (tutoring, work on the youth development, mentoring...). The "Campus+" project gathers two new European partnerships in the fields of European projects and learning mobility.It will give a great importance to the work around the skills acquisition and their enhancement to support the youngsters in making this volunteering experience a real asset for their future.



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