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Campaña contra el discurso del odio en la Red en los nuevos medios de comunicación en Jordania(Combating online hate speech in Jordan new-media campaign)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Combating online hate speech campaign in Jordan is inspired by the "No Hate Speech Online" campaing lauched by the Council of Europe [], which promotes youth participation to discuss, act together to protect Human Rights and fight against any kind of intolerance on Internet. I-Dare launched the campaign this year and will be running it for 5 years untill 2020.A volunteer with the followinf profil will take part: 1. Passion about social media (new-media) communication.2. Knowledge of Facebook and Twitter.3. Knowledge of design.4. Dash of creativity. Who will do deal with the following tasks:1. To assist in drafting the communication strategy (i.e. themes of learning blocks of topics and content that is coherent and consent with the objective).2. To assist in generating original content; text, video, poster…etc3. To manage blogging on our different social media platforms and to be aware of the important of when (at what time) to release the content. 4. Attend workshops about the phenomena of “online-hate-speech”, it is themes and forms, what are the boarders of freedom of expression, dialogue, and how to creatively counteract it. In addition to:5.Working on a personal project/ initiativeThe project promotes the culture of tolerance and respect of the Human Rights by counteracting the hate speech on Internet addressed to young people, also with the aim of contributing to the prevention of the recruitment by terrorist organisations.



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